You read the headline correctly.

I spent over $186,000 helping my client advertise for his webinars.

Do you want to know why I did this, what I learned, and what results we achieved?

Of course, you do!

So read this…


Why Webinars?

So right off the bat, many of you are probably wondering, “Dave, why webinars? Why not some other sort of content?”

Here’s why…


1.) They Convert Well… Really Well

If you have been in the online marketing world for a while, you probably know that, across all industries, the average conversion rate for a landing page is around 2.5%.

This means for every 10,000 visitors you send to your page, roughly 250 of them will become qualified leads and of those 250, only 6 will convert into paying customers.

And, of course, as the product/service becomes more expensive, the conversion rates become smaller and smaller.

So, if you sold a product for $100 and your landing page and sales page converted at the industry average, you would need to drive roughly 20,000 people through your sales funnel to make $1,000.

Now, if you are reading this blog, I’m going to assume that you are not an average marketer.

But regardless of your ninja marketing abilities… It’s always wise to stack the odds in your favor…


Which is where webinars come in.

A recent survey looked at webinar conversion rates among marketers who regularly ran webinars.

And what they found, in my opinion, was pretty badass.

The survey found that 20-40% of webinar attendees became qualified leads.

In fact, in a 2016 study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute found that Webinars produce an ROI that is second only to in-person events.

Are you starting to see why I like them?

Then keep reading because we’re just getting started.


2.) They Can Be Live or Automated

So if webinars only generate the second highest ROI out of all content marketing strategies… then why not go straight to the top?

Why waste your time with second place, or what I like to call “First loser”?

Well, if you were paying attention, then you probably noticed that the type of content that has the highest ROI is in-person live events.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the time or energy to run a live event every day, day in and day out.

Webinars, on the other hand, aren’t as limiting.

If you wanted to, you could don your comfy PJs, pour a cup of hot chocolate, and sit in your bed, running webinars all day long.


Yup. This is you… Running webinars from your cozy ‘ol bed.


You could take a simpler approach (like I encourage my clients to do) and automate a large portion of your webinars so that they run whether you are actually in your PJs, working on another part of your business or even skydiving in New Zealand.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me…



3.) Webinars Are Easy to Consume

When was the last time you actually read through a 5,000 word mega-guide?

It’s probably been a while.

Which is yet another reason why webinars are so fantastic.

As long as you nail the content and don’t design a webinar with a run time longer than the last Lord of the Rings movie (seriously, how many freaking endings can one film have??), watching a webinar is pretty similar to having coffee with a smart friend.

You sit, listen, and occasionally exclaim to your laptop, “Holy crap! I never thought about it like that”.

Simple and easy.

Just the way your audience likes it.


My Top Tactics for Maximizing Your Webinar’s Performance

So now that you understand my love affair with webinars and why I believe they are so effective, it’s time to dive into the specific strategies that I used when spending that $185k.

But before I do that, I want to provide you with a full disclaimer…

Webinars are not easy, my results are not typical, and if you want to replicate them… It will take a lot of work.

Make it easy on yourself and get your expectations right from the beginning.

It’s going to suck, you’re going to fail, and if you are working in a public place, you will likely end up teaching everyone within earshot a few colorful new phrases.

That’s just the price we all have to pay.

I promoted my first webinar campaign about 5 years ago for a client.

And it was a complete failure


In fact, it wasn’t until 2014 that I finally cracked the code and figured out a replicable process for creating successful webinars for nearly all my clients.

Even today after running and promoting webinars for over half a decade I still fail from time to time.

And that’s ok.

Because when webinars succeed… They succeed big time.

Here are four quick advertising strategies I found that can take any webinar’s performance from “ok” to “No friggin way!”



1. Utilize Video Ads

Video ads aren’t the advertising… They are the current reality.

If you aren’t using videos throughout your entire campaign (From your Facebook ads to your landing pages to your email follow up) then you aren’t doing it correctly.

End of story.

Don’t believe me? You don’t have to.

Just check out the results from a study published by BI Intelligence.. 



In my personal experience, if you want people to listen to your message and pay attention to your advertising, then you’re going to want to use video about 99.9999% of the time.

It’s more personal, it builds a deeper connection and sense of trust, and it’s way more versatile.

Since I know that many of you reading this love the numbers, here are a few extra statistics to back up my claims.

  • Shoppers who view video are 1.81X more likely to purchase than non-viewers. (Hubspot)
  • Videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86%. (WebDam)
  • Posts with videos attract three times as many inbound links as plain text posts. (NewsCred)
  • Videos run as advertisements received CTR (click through ratios) between 4 and 7 times that of image banner ads
  • According to Millennial Media, mobile video ads are 5x more engaging than traditional banner ads.

The bottom line?

You need to be using videos… Ok?


2. Use Case Studies and Testimonials (With Permission)

A recurring problem that I see with most webinars is that the host makes these HUGEEEEEE promises about how their content will change the audience’s life, transform their business, or give them some sort of jaw dropping epiphany… But what happens when it comes time to actually deliver on that promise?

The audience gets what we refer to in the industry as “Jack sh*t”.

A few canned lines, some repackaged generic content, a long sales pitch, and two hours of their lives later, the audience is left with nothing actionable and a bad taste in their mouth.

A few of these experiences is all that it takes to ruin webinars for the average person, making it super difficult to get them interested when someone is promoting something of actual value.

So what should you do?

Well, you could beg and plead and try to prove to them that you are legit.

Or you could just let one of your audience members tell them for you.

Video testimonials help immediately increase your social proof, build trust, and make your brand seem more established and legitimate. And these claims aren’t just the anecdotal evidence I’ve seen from promoting webinars for hundreds of clients…


The statistics back me up on this one too…

  • 90% of respondents who recalled reading online reviews claimed that positive online reviews influenced buying decisions (Dimensional Research)
  • 85% of consumers said they read up to 10 reviews before feeling they can trust a business. (Search Engine Land)
  • 39% of consumers said they read reviews on a regular basis to determine whether a local business is a good business. (Search Engine Land)
  • 50 or more reviews per product can mean a 4.6% increase in conversion rates. (Reevoo Stats)
  • 88% of people trust online reviews written by other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts. (BrightLocal)


So whether you use video testimonials in your advertising or include them on your landing page, find some way to incorporate client testimonials into your marketing and I promise your results will improve.


Want Us to Build Your Webinar & Funnel?

Do you want to create a webinar offer for your mid to high-ticket offer?

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Our highest grossing webinar produced $120k in 5 days (and went on to do over $400k in 4 months).

Now you can use our formula for your offer.

It’s not cheap, but we guarantee it pays for itself or I’ll buy it back from you!

Are You Interested?


3. Provide Proof of Results

If your product has been live for a few months (or even if you did a pre launch with your email list) you should hopefully have received a few emails from customers thanking you for being such a badass and sharing their success stories.

If so, it’s time to take the previous point one step further.

Provide real, concrete, irrefutable proof that what you are promoting works!

It’s that simple.

When prospects can see tangible proof that you aren’t just running your mouth and that you can actually deliver on your promises (like we talked about earlier), they won’t be able to smash that “Register Now” button fast enough!

And before we move on, here’s a bonus tip for you over-achievers…

Try and find a way to deliver so much value during the course of your webinar that you actually get results-based testimonials from attendees who didn’t even purchase your product!

It’s a tall order, but I promise it will revolutionize your advertising like you can’t imagine.



4. Create a Reminder Page for Your Webinars

Can I be honest with you for a minute?

I suck at remembering stuff.

And if I were a gambling man, I would bet that you do too.

It’s not because you have a bad memory, or that you’re lazy either.

It’s just that we are all so frickin’ busy that it’s easy to let the small things slip your mind.

And webinars just happen to be one of those things that are incredibly easy to forget.

So instead of hoping to God that everyone who RSVP’d remembers when it will be, why not send them a gentle reminder via email or SMS?

I know that this tactic sounds simple, but I’ve more than doubled turnout rates for clients just by creating a reminder page and sending it to registrants.


Bonus Tip: Retarget your Reminder Page to Individuals Who Have RSVP’d


Before we wrap up and take a look at the campaign numbers, I wanted to leave you with one of my super secret Facebook advertising tactics (at least it was a secret).

72 hours before your webinar starts, create another video ad retargeted exclusively to registrants.

That’s it.

Keep the ad simple and remind them about your webinar and what they can expect to achieve by attending.

Even though this tactic is super simple and will typically cost you about $20-25 (unless you have a massive registrant list), it is highly effective and I have personally seen it increase turnout by over 25%!


Wrapping It All Up

So now that you have seen the tactics I used to help my client, some of you are probably thinking, “Come on David! Enough foreplay! What results did you guys get with the $185,000???”


I’ll stop teasing you.

After several months and dozens of webinars, the $185,000 I spent advertising my client’s webinar resulted in… (Drum roll please).



The final number came in at just over $900,000 (although we are still doing the accounting lol), but I couldn’t resist inserting a Dr. Evil meme.

Here’s a breakdown of the results:

  • Revenue: $900,000+
  • Ad Spend: $185,723.69
  • Registrations: 42,176
  • Link Clicks: 119,540
  • CPC: $1.55 (across ALL campaigns combined)
  • CTR: 2.09% (across ALL campaigns combined)
  • CPL: $4.40 (across ALL campaigns combined)


And here are some screenshots to give you a visual…



And the best part?

These webinars were a mixture of…

  • Internal Live webinars
  • Internal Automated webinars
  • Affiliate Live webinars
  • Affiliate Automated webinars

Which means that I was able to help my client generate over a 450% ROI while promoting products that he didn’t have to produce, store, or deliver!

Pretty cool, huh?

Look… Like I said before, webinars aren’t easy.


If you want to get results, no matter your ad budget, you need to put in the work.

None of these results happened over night. This took practice, patience,  persistence… And more than a few cups of coffee.

But at the end of the day, it was worth it!

So take the lessons I’ve learned from helping hundreds of clients create successful webinars and try them out on your own campaigns, if you stick with it, I promise you will see results.


If you have any questions or insights that you want to share, drop me a line or leave a message in the comments below. And, as always, if you want to expedite your results, and have an experienced marketer create kickass HIGH converting campaigns for you… Shoot me an email and let’s talk about how I can help you get started 🙂

David Schloss

David Schloss

CEO, Convert ROI

David Schloss, an online entrepreneur who began marketing in 2007 from his college apartment, has helped hundreds of businesses improve their website traffic, customer acquisition, and revenue using social advertising.

His business, Convert ROI, manages over $2.5 MILLION per month in paid advertising via Facebook and Instagram.

He was been rated as one of the top “Experts to Watch” by Forbes Magazine, has been featured on Entrepreneur.com, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, and been interviewed on various podcasts and web shows around the topic of social advertising.